Conor McGregor’s newest loss puts him on path to seasoned wrestling

UFC 229: Conor McGregor dealing with viable punishment for his function in melee

Khabib Nurmagomedov defended his movements in a publish-battle brawl after getting Conor McGregor to faucet out at UFC 229. u . s . these days

Conor McGregor after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229. Stephen R. Sylvanie, united states of america today activities

Conor McGregor may still get a head begin on the place his career is headed and stage a press convention with Ronda Rousey and Vince McMahon.

he’s destined for pro wrestling, which is the most effective location his snide advertising shtick will live on.

First, McGregor could as neatly cash in on a possible UFC rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov. via now, UFC president Dana White absolutely has recommended his marketing group to create advertisements the usage of footage of the publish-combat brawl.

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these commercials improved be riveting, too, because McGregor’s act is growing older.

The promotional tour earlier than his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather in 2007 became raunchy and tawdry and uncouth and legend. Then got here the combat. A snoozefest, with Mayweather dominating McGregor and ending the bout with a tenth-circular TKO.

McGregor’s press conferences before the Nurmagomedov battle Saturday in Las Vegas were unsuitable and nasty and madcap. Then came the battle. extra domination via McGregor’s opponent, with Nurmagomedov ending the battle with a fourth-round submission.

With McGregor’s checklist falling to 21-4, there became no compelling proof to imply he has any chance of defeating Nurmagomedov, who enhanced his record to 27-0. but McGregor has made it clear that truth intervene.

“We misplaced the in shape but received the fight,’’ he tweeted after his defeat to Nurmagomedov. “The battle goes now.’’

The warfare? perhaps the conflict in McGregor’s head, and maybe Rousey, the former UFC superstar, can speak some experience into McGregor and reveal him the brand new, WWE ropes.

She’s a blueprint of what’s likely to come. Rousey, 31, was no less dominant in the UFC than changed into McGregor, 30, before she suffered devastating losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunez that sent her into retirement and off to professional wrestling.

Sooner in place of later, McGregor should order himself a cool professional wrestling costume and get working with with McMahon, chairman of the WWE, on what McGregor can’t do alone – remain a champion and salvage that shtick.


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